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TC Nutrition Batch 27 Pre Workout

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What Is It?

Nowadays, pre-workout supplements are a staple in most gym-goers workout regimen. Many people swear by them, and some say they can’t go to the gym without them. And well, why wouldn't you? Everyone could use more energy throughout their workout.

However, did you know that not all pre-workouts are created equal? Many pre-workouts these days are just loaded with stimulants, causing you to get a crazy rush of energy, and not much else. Even if it seems like you feel more with the tingling sensation and the rush of heat, it doesn’t mean your pre-workout is doing much for you.

Pre-workouts with high stimulants are cheap to make, and it’s easy to get fooled into thinking your pre-workout is getting the job done because you feel an immediate jolt of energy, similar to the one you get when drinking a coffee. Other companies know this and use it to their advantage.

What Does It Do?

We did things a little different. We sourced the most scientifically researched ingredients and put them into our product. A good pre-workout should give you:

  1. Extra energy
  2. Enhanced muscle pumps
  3. Long lasting endurance
  4. Extra strength output
  5. Laser sharp focus
  6. And most importantly, put you in an anabolic state, increasing muscle protein synthesis, allowing you to put on more muscle.

Which is exactly what we did.