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Smart Sweets

  • Smart Sweets Box - Popeye's Toronto

    Smart Sweets Box

    Smart Sweets

    DELICIOUS CANDY YOU CAN FEEL GOOD ABOUT  No sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners and added sugar Smartly sweetened with stevia, natural flavours ...

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  • Smart Sweets Lollipops - Popeye's Toronto

    Smart Sweets Lollipops

    Smart Sweets

    You’re going sweet places with #KickSugar Lollipops that come in a mix of 2 flavours per bag: blue raspberry + watermelon.

  • Smart Sweets Jolly Gems - Popeye's Toronto
    from $8.99

    Smart Sweets Jolly Gems

    Smart Sweets

    Unwrap and savour the hard candy you know and love with less sugar! A mix of 3 individually-wrapped natural flavours per bag: green apple, peach an...

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