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Testosterone Boosters

  • Magnum Tonic 90 Caps - Popeye's Toronto

    Magnum Tonic 90 Caps


    Magnum Tonic™ offers the very best value for a natural testosterone support supplement. Using only the most advanced, innovative Pharmaceutical Gr...

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  • Precision Mega Test 160 Caps - Popeye's Toronto

    Precision Mega Test 160 Caps


    Extreme muscle growth requires an anabolic & anti-catabolic environment of high free testosterone, low estrogen and low cortisol. Get this wron...

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  • Nutrabolics Aggro 168 Caps - Popeye's Toronto

    Nutrabolics Aggro 168 Caps


    NUTRABOLICS - AGGRODual Action Hormone SupportMAXIMIZE MUSCLE AGGRO™ is a dual-action anabolic powerhouse with twice the androgenic potency of your...

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  • MuscleTech Test HD Elite 180 Caps - Popeye's Toronto

    MuscleTech Test HD Elite 180 Caps


    Muscletech TEST-HD EliteThe Ultimate 4-in-1 Testosterone and Stress Support Formula TEST HD™ ELITE is  MuscleTech®’s  premium  testosterone  formul...

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  • ATP Aromatek - Popeye's Toronto

    ATP Aromatek


    What is Aromatek? A synergistic combination of natural, efficaciously-dosed, research-backed, ingredients aimed at optimizing male health. Helps to...

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  • PharmaFreak Test Freak 2.0 - Popeye's Toronto
    Sold out

    PharmaFreak Test Freak 2.0


    Helps support natural testosterone production and helps reduce estrogen & cortisol. 7 NEW ingredients make our Formula even more POWERFUL! ...

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  • ANS Fortitude - Popeye's Toronto
    Sold out

    ANS Fortitude 120 Caps


    NATURAL TESTOSTERONE AMPLIFIER Optimize your testosterone, increase your sex drive & elevate performance! All natural re-balance of hormone pr...

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  • Ballistic Labs TRT - Popeye's Toronto

    Ballistic Labs TRT

    Ballistic Labs

    Hormones play a major role in all aspects of a man’s metabolism. Overall feelings of vitality, performance and strength are effected by the dominan...

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