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  • Magnum Acid 180 Caps - Popeye's Toronto

    Magnum Acid 180 Caps


    The World’s Only CLA Isolate! Increased caloric expenditure* Decreases the activity of fat-storing enzymes* Reduced hunger craving and increased...

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  • Bio-X Liquid Carnitine - BR - Popeye's Toronto

    Bio-X Liquid Carnitine Blue Raspberry


    BioX Liquid L-CarnitineAids in the muscle recovery process by reducing muscle tissue damage associated with a resistance training regimenHelps supp...

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  • Allmax CLA 95 150 Caps - Popeye's Toronto

    Allmax CLA 95 150 Caps


    Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is a remarkable dietary supplement derived from sources like sunflower and safflower oil, and found naturally in gra...

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  • Allmax R ALA 150mg - Popeye's Toronto

    Allmax R ALA 150mg


    ALLMAX R+ALA (R-Alpha Lipoic Acid) promotes the muscle’s uptake of glycogen by optimizing insulin activity and helps speed up the amount of nutrien...

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  • NOW Siberian Ginseng 500mg 100 caps - Popeye's Toronto
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    NOW Siberian Ginseng 500mg 100 caps


    Used in Herbal Medicine to help improve mental and/or physical performance after periods of mental and/or physical exertion Also known as Eleuthero...

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