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Magnum Drip Dry 90 Caps

by Magnum

DROP THE WATER - Getting lean is difficult enough without having to guess about properly dropping your water weight on the day of your physique show, photo-shoot or tropical vacation. Magnum's Drip Dry takes the guess work out of this trick process.

DEFINES LEAN MASS - Drip Dry's powerful ingredients quickly target the subcutaneous water that blurs your muscularity and eliminates it one drip at a time, exposing high definition cuts, striations, and vascularity like never before.

PROTECTS AGAINST CRAMPING - Contains magnesium. Magnesium deficiency is the major hidden cause of leg cramps, including foot and other muscle cramps. Drip dry contains magnesium citrate, which provides the highest bioavailability of the mineral.

ELECTROLYTES - Contains potassium orotate, which is neutrally charged and passes easily through cell membranes. Potassium is a nutrient that helps your muscles move, transmits nerve signals, and helps your kidneys filter blood.

RESEARCHED & TESTED - Magnum Drip Dry is the best choice for your competition needs because it contains key pharmaceutical grade ingredients that are researched and tested. That means you get potent ingredients without the filler.

  • Pharmaceutical Grade Water Loss Agent.
  • Reduces Water Weight, Defines Lean Muscle, Protects against cramping, Eliminates Bloating.