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Save up to 20% off with our current bulk discount promotion
Save up to 20% off with our current bulk discount promotion

Bio-X Liquid Carnitine Blue Raspberry

by Bio-X

BioX Liquid L-Carnitine

Aids in the muscle recovery process by reducing muscle tissue damage associated with a resistance training regimen
Helps support muscle tissue repair in individuals involved in resistance training
Helps improve physical performance when used in conjunction with a training regimen
Helps delay fatigue during physical activity
Helps support fat metabolism
Helps support fat oxidation

Stimulant-Free Fat Metabolizer: L-Carnitine is essential for transporting long-chain fats into the cell (mitochondria). L-Carnitine taps into your fat supply and may provide support to burn it as fuel, resulting in increased energy. Without L-Carnitine, these fats cannot be burned for energy and are instead shunted to stored body fat.*

Boost Energy, Endurance & Performance: L-Carnitine enhances performance by increasing the body’s reliance on fat for energy; this reduces depletion of muscle glycogen. By reducing muscle tissue lactic acid build-up, performance athletes using L-Carnitine can extend duration of muscular exertion before fatigue.*

L-Carnitine functions in conjunction with pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5). Vitamin B5 is a fundamental component of coenzyme A (coA) which is involved in the transport of fatty acids into the mitochondria making it an essential component of L-Carnitine supplementation.*