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Ballistic Labs Shroom Boom

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Ballistic Labs has created the ultimate body and mind, energy & health tonic. SHROOM BOOM™ is a strategically
formulated multi-mushroom supplement that truly delivers on its health promoting and mind energizing promises. Its
key ingredients have been chosen because they synergistically motivate you to work, play, create, and focus on
whatever your chosen endeavor is, all why balancing and healing you from within. Now you can ask more, and get
more, from YOURSELF everyday, and you can do it in a health promoting and natural way.

  • Reduces fatigue
    • Increase ATP production and helps balance cortisol naturally
  • Elevate mood and Focus
    • Eleminate brain fog to get back in the zone
  • Boost immune system and reduce stress
    • Less anxiety and drepression
  • Memory enhancement and perception
    • Optimal physical performance