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Ballistic Labs PrimaVie

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New PrimaVie® from B1 by BALLISTIC is a purified Shilajit for those looking to boost their vigor, vitality, and immune strength. PrimaVie delivers pure Shilajit that’s rich in fulvic acid, which supports healthy aging from the inside out. Clinically proven to increase testosterone levels in men (1,2,5) – PrimaVie’s high-quality, purified form of Shilajit from the pristine Himalayas contains dibenzo-a-pyrones (DBPs), DBP-chromoproteins (DCP), over 50% fulvic acid, and 40 different minerals.

The high fulvic acid content of PrimaVie’s Shilajit may play a critical role in your muscle building plan and improving your overall health and wellness. In addition to its test-boosting properties, PrimaVie is an ideal anti-aging solution that has also been used to support immune strength, enhanced performance, natural energy, cell rejuvenation, and reduce everyday fatigue