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Moderate Stim

  • Nutrabolics Supernova Infinite 438g - Popeye's Toronto

    Nutrabolics Supernova Infinite 438g


    Supernova® Infinite was scientifically developed to ignite your workouts with explosive energy, ultimate endurance and laser focus like you have ne...

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  • Mammoth Pump 684g - Popeye's Toronto

    Mammoth Pump 684g


    MAMMOTH PUMP - Fully Loaded powerful pre-workout formula with scientifically researched ingredients in effective doses, for Extreme Energy, Hard Mu...

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  • Beyond Yourself Pre-Set 45s - Popeye's Toronto

    Beyond Yourself Pre-Set 45s

    Beyond Yourself

    PRESET - To Set or adjust beforehand, to become activated or perform a specific function at a designated time. It’s time to dial-in unparalleled in...

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  • Rivalus Powder Burn 44 Serv - Popeye's Toronto
    Sold out

    Rivalus Powder Burn 44 Serv


    Some days you’re ready to take on the world, others you need extra inspiration to push through the paces. That’s where pre-workouts come in. These ...

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  • RAW CBUM Thavage Pre-Workout - Popeye's Toronto

    RAW CBUM Thavage Pre-Workout


    Thavage Pre is not your run of the mill pre-workout. It was designed by thavages, for thavages. One serving is all it takes to flip the switch as y...

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  • RedCon1 Total War 438g - Popeye's Toronto

    RedCon1 Total War 438g


    Train and compete with lights out intensity and energy. Total War is what every pre workout wishes it was, packing more fire power per serving than...

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  • Magnum Limitless - Popeye's Toronto

    Magnum Limitless


    COMPLETE PRE-WORKOUT  This is training without compromise. This is Magnum Limitless! Magnum Limitless is a fully loaded pre-workout formula designe...

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  • Ryse Loaded Pre - Popeye's Toronto

    Ryse Loaded Pre


    The perfect daily driver pre-workout, experience the power of science and flavor combined! RYSE Loaded Pre-Workout utilizes clinical doses of resea...

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  • Ryse Godzilla - Popeye's Toronto

    Ryse Godzilla


    The officially licensed Noel Deyzel X Godzilla® Pre-Workout is an absolute monster. Packing a massive 40g serving size, this giant delivers city-cr...

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