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FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $99. Be Sure to Check Out Our Hot Clearance Section.

Plant Strong

by TDF
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PLANT STRONG protein contains the same amount of protein as a Beyond Meat Burger, a can of tuna or a chicken breast for those not living fully plant-based yet.

This is your one month supply of high quality powdered real food containing organic brown rice, pea and pumpkin seed protein plus locally sourced fresh surplus fruits and vegetables, and enhanced with digestive enzymes and probiotics to improve gut health and nutrient absorption.

Why you will love it: It mixes and tastes amazing! There are 20g of protein in every 30g scoop. It contains omega 3s from flax seeds. It comes with probiotics and digestive enzymes. There are 6 Servings of fruits and vegetables per serving. It is flavoured using organic & natural flavours and is sweetened with stevia. It is the best tasting protein (vegan) ever, has 0 grams of sugar, and is made from upcycled food

Plant Strong is low in calories when mixed with water. But if you are looking to use this as a meal replacement simply add a banana, berries, a small amount of seeds or nuts, then blend at high speed with your favourite dairy-free milk to increase total calories, carbs and fats.

Mix with 8 ounces of your favourite drink, shake well and enjoy. This product is great for increasing muscle mass and maintaining a healthy body weight.