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Athletic Alliance Start BHB

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Athletic Alliance Start-BHB Keto CAFFEINE FREE 255g

  • Why Start-BHB?Typically it takes people weeks to go into a full state of ketosis, which is when your body switches to BHBs as it’s sole or main fuel source. Your body has to deplete its glycogen stores, flattening out muscle, for this to just happen. Well this is no longer the case. Taking what is called a saturation dose, typically 12g of BHB, will put a person into full ketosis. They will remain there until they take themselves out via too much protein or carbs. The benefits and various uses of BHBs:

    • Go into full ketosis immediately, keeping glycogen stores intact, muscles look fuller.
    • This keeps your metabolism elevated for longer as you’re not depleted, Allows for flexible dieting E.g. keto weekdays, cheat meals on weekends.
    • Ideal brain food, can be added any time, diet aside, for a cognitive energy boost.
    • Because they need to be utilized as fuel, taking them prior to exercise provides a second, ready-to-go fuel source allowing for better performance.
    • Increases insulin sensitivity and is glycogen sparing, adding to a pre-workout when bulking will get and keep more nutrients into the muscle.
    • Provides enough ready energy that it can be used to maximize intermittent fasting or to replace a meal during the day with just a 6g dosage.
    • Amino acids can also pull you out of ketosis, but by adding BHBs to small amount of BCAAs or EAAs you can stay in ketosis.

    Typical dosing: saturation (into full ketosis) 12g, meal replacement/boost during fast 6g, all other uses 2-4g

    Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (Ketones) This is the most abundant ketone in the body, typically making up 78% of ketones found in the blood. BHB is the intended final product of ketogenesis.
  • Electrolytes aids in hydration, endurance, circulation and a nutritional transport mechanism.
  • MCT Powder combined with BHB helps lower blood sugar, increase metabolic rate and energy levels.